Sunday, December 04, 2005

CBC Radio One Sirius -- program schedule now posted

The schedule for CBC Radio One on Sirius satellite radio channel #137 is now posted at the CBC website. The schedule is posted here.

One entry that several of us were curious about is "The Lab", which doesn't appear anywhere on the CBC A-Z program listings. Turns out it's an experimental program, produced exculsively for Sirius.

Quoting from John Figliozzi's post at swprograms:

" "The Lab" refers to a *radio* lab, a place for
experimentation with radio and the audio medium in general. This
will apparently be done both conceptually and aurally, both as to
form and substance--judging from the first program that aired this
weekend which included an attempt to create a new game and an
examination of why the "f__" word was so taboo and is apparently less
so today."

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