Monday, April 16, 2007

cNet perspective: "Is Uncle Sam serious about Sirius-XM?"

See here.

As one might expect, this is pro - "wide competitive landscape" --
that Satellite Radio isn't a market unto itself.

Key quote: "What is most important now for sound communications
policy is to move beyond classifying and regulating services based on
the particular technology or slice of spectrum used for distributing
the service. Whether evaluating the competitive impact of a particular
merger or deciding whether to jettison archaic, unduly burdensome
regulations devised during an earlier, generally monopolistic analog
era, the important question should be: do consumers have reasonable
alternative choices in the marketplace?"

As one who is about to switch off his satellite radio subscription due
to lack of use -- I have an inventory of podcasts and downloaded
programs I listen to in the car -- I agree that there are many
reasonable alternative choices, each with their own strengths and

Richard Cuff

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