Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New from Radio Australia: "Five Minutes to Midnight"

The University of Melbourne's "Asialink Centre" [sic] promotes understanding of the countries of Asia and creates links with Asian counterparts.

Radio Australia has begun to air a series of lectures entitled "Five Minutes to Midnight", dealing with the Doomsday Clock, established in 1947 at the University of Chicago to reflect concerns over the risk of nuclear war.

Radio Australia's Roger Broadbent tells me the second lecture in the serieswas recorded a couple of weeks ago, and will go to air this coming weekend.

Broadcast times are:
Friday 20 July @ 2330 UT (Asia/Pacific & OnLine)

Saturday 21 July @ 1030 UT (Asia & OnLine - the Pacific will hear coverage of a Rugby Union game between Australia & NZ)

Sunday 22 July @ 0230 & 0530 (OnLine only)

Sunday 22 July @ 1130 UT (World Radio Network - North America stream)

(BTW - the morning SW service we hear in North America is the Pacific service).

MP3 & Podcast - of both lectures is available on the Radio Australia website at:

As you may know, Five Minutes to Midnight refers to planetearth's current position on the Doomsday Clock, based on nuclear,environmental and technological threats. The clock ticked forward two minutes in January 2007, due to climate change.

The second lecture in this three part series is titled: "Terrorism as a Family Activity: Understanding Jemaah Islamiyah's Social Ties", presented by Sidney Jones of the International Crisis Group (ICG).

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