Friday, November 28, 2008

Australian Express is transformed into Australian Bite

Another way that programming from Radio National made its way to Radio Australia is through the weekly magazine program Australian Express. Segments regarding aspects of Australian culture and perspectives would be edited with Roger Broadbent providing "continuity" commentary and background.

This program still exists, but it's now called Australian Bite and is now hosted by Heather Jarvis, a familiar name to Radio Australia listeners. The program presents "…a tasty spread of stories and music coming to you from all around Australia. From cafe culture to crested cockatoos, from arts and books to the mysteries of Australian rules football, there's something for everyone here in the pantry." (ABC website)

Australian Bite airs at the following times: Tuesdays, 1330, 1705, 1730; Fridays, 1830; Saturdays, 0030, 0505, 0530. The Tuesday 1330 airing will likely propagate best to Eastern North America in the winter.

Australian Bite is not directly offered as an on-demand program or podcast.

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