Friday, November 28, 2008

Radio Kuwait – worth an afternoon tune-in if you’re around

One of the impressions that catalyzed my return to active shortwave listening in the 1980s was a visit to my brother in Florida. He was a work-at-home contractor, and one afternoon, while I was visiting, he walked over and switched his analog Radio Shack receiver to Radio Kuwait's English language service and kept it on for the afternoon.

My brother was an extremely casual listener - and still is - but found Radio Kuwait to be agreeable, unobtrusive, yet exotic accompaniment to his workday, with its mix of music, conversation, and features.

After a period of years off the air, Radio Kuwait is now pretty reliable on the air from 1800 to 2100 on 11990 kHz. Much of the time is popular music, which makes sense considering this is a relay of a domestic broadcast, but recent logs included by Glenn Hauser in DX Listening Digest updates indicate a feature program at 1800 beginning the broadcast, with news at 1830.

These recent logs indicate the feature is typically about Kuwait culture and religion, focusing on the teachings of Islam; the program clearly targets a non-Islamic audience.
The reports posted to DXLD suggest propagation is sporadic, and less likely to be successful the further inland you go. Not exactly Easy listening, but one is thankful for what is out there.

All the links I came across to any Radio Kuwait webcast were not working, so for now you're limited to shortwave.

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