Wednesday, July 08, 2009

BBC Radio 4's "This Sceptred Isle" being aired on BBC Radio 7

BBC Radio 7 is a service of BBC Radio devoted to spoken-word programming, primarily programming that has aired previously on other BBC Radio services -- primarily Radio 4.

"This Sceptred Isle" is an audio history of the UK that has aired since 1995 on Radio 4, and the series has been rerun on Radio 7 since 2008.

The program airs weekdays, with each 15-minute program devoted to a single year in the history of Great Britain. The 20th Century series of programs has just begun this past week.

The series airs twice daily on Radio 7 -- at 1400 BST, repeated 0400 the next morning; that converts to 1300 and 0300 UTC.

Programs are available for one week in the iPlayer archive.

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