Thursday, July 09, 2009

CC Wifi radio now can incorporate your Pandora of charge for first 40 hours/month

If you can access Pandora's online streaming music discovery service where you live, and you own a CC Wifi radio, you can now add your Pandora account settings to your CC Wifi radio.

You'll need to upgrade the firmware on the WiFi radio, then log into the Reciva website and update the "My Radios" link, even if you aren't making a change to the radio. Apparently that step is needed for Reciva to recognize that you've upgraded the firmware.

Then you should see a link within "My Stuff" called "My Pandora"; you can then enter your Pandora ID and password, and all your Pandora channels will be available on your WiFi radio.

Bandwidth for Pandora is only 64k mpbs, but the audio quality seemed decent for me.

It's also worth noting that folks listening to Pandora for more than 40 hours/month will be asked to pay 99 cents to continue to listen that month once their listening hours exceed 40. This is a result of the recent SoundExchange copyright deal with web radio providers; see .

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