Friday, September 07, 2007

Radio Netherlands' "Research File" -- still a good listen

I had a chance to listen to a recent edition of Research File from Radio Netherlands. Research File is a program on science and technology that has been part of the RNW schedule for as long as I can remember. This recent edition had four segments filling out the half hour -- two dealing with schizophrenia; the third dealing with hand gestures and how they're reliable communications cues; the fourth, about novel technology for chemically filtering out airborne automobile pollution...via specially-designed sound walls.

Research File isn't unique -- most international broadcasters feature one or more weekly segments that deal with science and technology, but Research File distinguishes itself in two ways: First, because it focuses on science and technology within the Netherlands -- no one else does that -- and, Second, because Radio Netherlands' interviewers are good interviewers -- they take the time to know their subjects, and really try to engage their interview subjects in conversation.

Research File is available via shortwave, the World Radio Network (including Sirius satellite radio), CBC Overnight, live streaming audio, on-demand streaming, and podcast / download. Shortwave airings targeting North America include Thursdays 1130 UTC on 11675 kHz; Fridays, 0027 and 0127 on 9845 kHz; Fridays 0427 on 6165 kHz; WRN listeners can hear the program on Thursdays, 1230 and 2230, plus Tuesdays 0430, ; CBC Overnight listeners can hear Research File Fridays at 105 AM local time (except, of course, in Newfoundland).

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