Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yours Truly shows up on the BBC's "Over To You"

The most recent edition of "Over To You" -- the successor to "Write On" -- features a few seconds of my voice...at roughly 13 minutes into the program.

I had sent in a suggestion regarding the need to make content more convenient to access via the web -- the "London Calling" special series could be accessed online only by clicking 13 different links for individual stories. Hardly a convenient way to listen.

Well, it turns out the BBC is in the midst of a year-long reworking of their English language website, so they called me up and interviewed me for a few minutes. The quote they actually used deals with how content is organized on the website.

I owe Joe Buch a royalty payment for using the term "schedule gods"... I believe Joe was the first person I saw use that moniker to talk about the advantages of on-demand listening.

The offending edition of "Over To You" should remain available for on-demand listening until early Sunday, and can be found here:


Richard Cuff / Allentown, PA USA

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